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CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Edcel John Ibarra, who has been awarded the 2024 Prize for his article 'Issue-Based Cooperation on Conflict Resolution in the South China Sea,' Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies 9:1 (2022), pp. 97–115.

December 14-16, 2023 | The Australian National University, Canberra

The inaugural GRADNAS Methods CO-LAB ran successfully to focus strongly on 'methods' understood as the range of inter-disciplinary qualitative approaches most suitable for studying Asian security topics. The Co-Lab paid acute attention to how scholars can pose the most useful research questions for studying this region; and develop innovative approaches and effective research designs to investigate Asian cases and complexities. This inaugural School was led by 8 GRADNAS faculty members and was attended by 23  international PhD student and post-doctoral/early career participants.

The Graduate Research and Development Network on Asian Security (GRADNAS) initiative aims to build an international network of scholars undertaking cutting-edge research on strategic and security issues in Asia. GRADNAS promotes Asian security research that effectively combines conceptual rigour and innovation with deep empirical analysis.


Convened by Professor Evelyn Goh and based at the Australian National University, this network includes established scholars from leading universities around the world, as well as advanced doctoral students and promising early career researchers in a series of programmes for training, exchange and research collaboration.

Recent publications

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Amy King, Power, shared ideas and order transition: China, the United States, and the creation of the Bretton Woods order. European Journal of International Relations, 2022.

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China in International Affairs:
a century of encounter
International Affairs, May 2022

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Courtney J. Fung. “Rising Powers and Normative Resistance: China, India and the Responsibility to Protect,Journal of Contemporary China, 2022.

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