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Senior Scholars Network 

Ang Cheng Guan

Associate Dean, RSIS Nanyang Technological University

Current Research:

Lee Kuan Yew’s

Strategic Thought


Amitav Acharya

Distinguished Professor of International Relations, American University


Alice Ba

Professor, University
of Delaware

Current Research:
ASEAN's institutional legitimation strategies

amid diversification

Shaun Breslin

Professor of Politics & International Studies, University of Warwick

Chen Zhimin
  Jean Monnet Professor of International Relations, Fudan University

Ralf Emmers.jpg

Ralf Emmers

President’s Chair in International Relations, Nanyang Technological University

M. Taylor Fravel

Professor of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Current Research:
China’s BRI as a tool of international influence

Rosemary Foot

Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford
Current Research:
China’s Human Rights Strategies in Changing World Order

Natasha Hamilton-Hart.jpg

Natasha Hamilton-Hart

Professor & Director of the New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Otago
Current Research:
Economics-security nexus in East Asia

David C. Kang

Maria Crutcher Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California
Current Research:
Lessons of East Asian history - enduring patterns of regional relations

Joseph Chinyong Liow

Professor of Comparative & International Politics, Nanyang Technological University, 

Helen Nesadurai

Professor of International Political Economy, Monash University Malaysia
Current Research:
Transnational non-state environmental governance mechanisms

Shih Chih-yu

Professor, National Taiwan University
Current Research:
Intellectual History of China Studies & Chinese Studies

Yoshihide Soeya

Professor of Political Science, Keio University

Sohn Yul

Professor of International Political Economy, Yonsei University

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