2 December 2020 | Oriana Skylar Mastro | Posing problems without shackling up: Prospects for a Sino-Russian alliance and implications for Asia-Pacific security

Is China forming a balancing coalition against the United States, in particular with Russia? The most recent scholarship does not address China’s balancing strategy because it focuses on explaining secondary states’ response to China’s rise. Work in the realist tradition does predict China will ally with other nations but does not provide insights into security behaviour short of alliances, which more accurately characterizes Beijing’s strategy to date.

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27 February 2017 | ANU-USC GRADNAS Exchange II: Graduate Workshop

Dr. Evelyn Goh (ANU) will share her own work and interact with USC graduate students as part of our recurring KSI series on graduate student mentoring with a particular focus on East Asia.

28 November 2016 | Iain Henry - PhD Seminar | Reliability and Interdependence in America’s Asian Alliance System

This Seminar presented the findings of a newly-completed PhD thesis showing that US Cold War allies in Asia were unconcerned about American loyalty to other allied states. Counterintuitively, US disloyalty to one ally might be welcomed by other allies if Washington could show that it remained a reliable security partner for the others.

14 March 2016 | ANU-USC GRADNAS Exchange I: International Security in Asia Workshop

During this event Evelyn Goh (ANU) and Chin-Hao Huang (Yale-NUS) will lead a presentation on "Emerging U.S. Security Partnerships in Southeast Asia”, followed by working paper discussions.

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