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2023 GRADNAS Seminar Series

This series of nine online seminars showcases the cutting-edge academic research on Asian security by GRADNAS members. It presented an exciting opportunity for research exchange involving the network, providing a regular occasion for GRADNAS scholars to share and receive feedback on their ongoing and published research. All enquiries to (All dates below in Australian Eastern Time.)

Click here to view the schedule, and click here for the full details of the seminar series.


19 October 2022 | Yusuke Ishihara | Renegotiating Japan’s Post-War Bargains: The Transformation of Japan's Foreign Policy and the Pluralisation of U.S. Hegemonic Order in the 1970s.

The 1970s witnessed significant changes to the post-war international order: the rise and fall of U.S.-Soviet détente, Sino-U.S. rapprochement, the crisis of the Bretton-Woods system/the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and shifts to a multilateral landscape in East Asia. In this research seminar, Yusuke Ishihara shows that Japan made major and important decisions on these geopolitical, economic, and regional-political processes. His PhD research explains the evolution of Japan’s post-war international standing, including how and why the vital post-war bargains that were embraced in the 1950s, when Japan was occupied by the U.S., were renegotiated by Tokyo during the 1970s.

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2020-21 Women in Asia-Pacific Security Research (WIAPSR) Seminar Series  

This series of eight seminars showcases the cutting-edge academic research of women in the fields of Asia-Pacific security broadly-defined, and is targeted at international scholarly communities working on this important region. GRADNAS jointly supported this event. It is part of the ANU Women in International Security Series (ANUWIIS) initiative.

Click here for the full details of the seminar series.


7 November 2019 | Priyanka Sunder, Amy King, and Evelyn Goh | Talking Across the Economic-Security Divide: Development, Securitization and Infrastructure

In the 1940s, E.H. Carr argued that the economic and security dimensions of policy making ought to be studied in a more integrated way, and yet a persistent and artificial divide remains, both in scholarship and policy practice. One fruitful way to straddle the economic-security divide is through the lens of development.

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9 November 2018 | GRADNAS International Exchange and Workshop Programme

To celebrate our third anniversary in 2018, three GRADNAS partners at the Australian National University, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), and the University of Southern California (USA), launched a pilot international exchange and workshop programme for pre- and post-graduate students and early career researchers for research exchange and career development.

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27 November 2017 | Rosemary Foot | 2017 Robert O'Neill War Studies Lecture: Chinese Power and the Idea of a 'Responsible State' in a Changing World Order
Analysts and observers of China's role in world and regional politics have been preoccupied with determining whether its behaviour could be deemed 'responsible' when measured against a range of dominant global norms. As one consequence of China's resurgence globally and regionally, that approach no longer seems appropriate.

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21 November 2017 | Helen E.S. Nesadurai | SDSC-IR Joint Research Seminar: Private Standards and Norm Contestation: The Credibility Politics of Palm Oil Sustainability

Palm oil, a major global agricultural commodity, has long been condemned for driving deforestation, carbon emissions and social conflict, especially in its principal producers of Indonesia and Malaysia. Here, economic development priorities and the patronage-based palm oil political economy have contributed to these problems. Yet, voluntary private sustainability standards developed by NGOs and global corporations to reduce these ills from palm oil production have become normative benchmarks.

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17 November 2017 | Rosemary Foot | SDSC Research Seminar: China, the United Nations, and Human Protection: Ideological Beliefs and International image

Human protection is an area of international concern that has largely been advanced normatively in the period since the late 1990s – that is, in the period of China’s growing material power and increasingly active role in global governance. It is an area of policy that embodies a more expansive definition of security that prioritizes the security of the individual.

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17 August 2017 | Professor Andrew L. Oros | Seminar - Japan's Security Renaissance: New Directions in Regional and US-Japan Relations

Over the past decade, Japan's "security renaissance" has enabled Japan's military to become more involved in the Asian region and global security. Moreover, Japan is 'the key US ally in Asia, in a new presidential era when the role of allies is being called into question. As the third largest economy in the world and one of the world's largest military spenders, what role will Japan play in regional affairs and in US Asia policy?

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30 March 2017 | Chin-Hao Huang | Manuscript Review Seminar: Power, Restraint, and China's Rise

The conventional wisdom holds that China's rise is disrupting the global balance of power in unpredictable ways. In contrast, Power, Restraint, and China's Rise tackles the puzzle: how and why does China constrain its power even as its military capabilities are increasing at unprecedented rates? It reasons that if rising powers care about their acceptance within the international community, they can be motivated to act beyond zero-sum considerations.

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27 February 2017 | ANU-USC GRADNAS Exchange II: Graduate Workshop

Dr. Evelyn Goh (ANU) will share her own work and interact with USC graduate students as part of our recurring KSI series on graduate student mentoring with a particular focus on East Asia.

Click here for the full description of this event.


28 November 2016 | Iain Henry | PhD Seminar: Reliability and Interdependence in America's Asian Alliance System

This Seminar presented the findings of a newly-completed PhD thesis showing that US Cold War allies in Asia were unconcerned about American loyalty to their allied states. Counterintuitively, US displays of loyalty to one ally might be welcomed by other allies if Washington could show that it remained a reliable security partner for the others.

Click here to access the full podcast of this seminar, and click here for the full description of the event.


20 July 2016 | Evelyn Goh and Amy King | Book Launch and Research Seminar

This launch and seminar showcases research conducted within SDSC's Asia-Pacific Security research cluster. Professor Evelyn Goh and Dr Amy King will launch their books which shed important new light on critical puzzles surrounding China's resurgence and Asian security issues.

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20 July 2016 | Amitav Acharya, Raja Mohan, and Nicola Leveringhaus | Asian Security Research Roundtable  

This special Research Roundtable will feature international expert scholars specializing in key aspects of Asian security. It will introduce postgraduate students and early career researchers to alternative approaches, concepts and methods for analyzing Asian security issues.

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12 July 2016 | Bates Gill, Evelyn Goh, and Chin-Hao Huang | Launch Event: New Report on US-China Strategic Competition in Southeast Asia 

The study marks the culmination of a two-year project, Emerging US Security Partnerships in Southeast Asia. Click on this link to access the report and for details on the July 2016 launch by project investigators Dr Bates Gill, Dr Evelyn Goh and Dr Chin-Hao Huang at ANU.

Click here for the full description of this event.

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6 April 2016 | Wang Jisi, Yan Xuetong, and Jia Qingguo | China and International Security: A Dialogue with Distinguished Chinese Scholars

This Public Forum provides a unique opportunity for dialogue with China’s leading experts on strategy and foreign affairs — Professors Wang Jisi, Yan Xuetong and Jia Qingguo — with ANU Chancellor Gareth Evans as Discussant, and Prof. Evelyn Goh as Chair.

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6 Apr 2016 | Jia Qingguo and Yan Xuetong | Analysing China’s Foreign Policy and International Relations

This Research Seminar provides a unique opportunity to engage with two of China’s leading scholars to explore the major challenges of studying contemporary Chinese international relations. The discussion will address questions about research methodology and output.

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14 March 2016 | ANU-USC GRADNAS Exchange I: International Security in Asia Workshop

During this event Evelyn Goh (ANU) and Chin-Hao Huang (Yale-NUS) will lead a presentation on "Emerging U.S. Security Partnerships in Southeast Asia", followed by working paper discussions.

Click here for the full description of this event.


26 Nov 2015 | GRADNAS HDR Masterclass: How to Ask and Answer the Right Research Questions About Asia-Pacific Security

This class critically reviewed some of the best PhD projects on Asia-Pacific security. It analysed, using examples and alternatives, the effectiveness of posing central questions in different ways; and took students through the key methodological steps for setting up a project related to regional security.

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25 Nov 2015 | Yuan Foong Khong | Asian Security Reading Group Special Research Seminar: The Use and Abuse of Theory in Asia-Pacific Security Research

This seminar addressed the challenges of finding the balance between empirical integrity and theoretical rigour in the type of research that falls in the ‘grey areas’ between Political Science and Area Studies. Professor Khong discussed strategies for publishing in the leading international outlets, and developing international research networks and sources of funding.

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24 Nov 2015 | Yuan Foong Khong | The American Tributary System and Asia-Pacific Security

This lecture employs the idea of the tributary system—most often associated with China’s international relations from antiquity—to interpret how America relates to the rest of the world. Professor Khong argues that the United States has instituted the most successful tributary system the world has ever seen.

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1 Oct 2015 | Amy King and Evelyn Goh | Unpacking the Economic-Security Nexus in Asia

A research workshop convened by Dr. Amy King and Professor Evelyn Goh at the ANU on 1 October 2015, which brought together a group of scholars engaged in innovative research on the nexus between economics and security in Asia. Drawing from a range of disciplines including history, political science, economics, development studies, area studies and law, the participants discussed key concepts, questions, and methodologies driving their projects.

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7 Sep 2015 | GRADNAS Launch

The Graduate Research and Development Network on Asian Security (GRADNAS) was launched at a one-day conference on 'Southeast Asian Strategies Towards the Great Powers', hosted by the Australian National University on Monday 7th September 2015. The event was held in the Great Hall at University House and brought together leading scholars and advanced PhD students undertaking cutting-edge research on strategic and security issues in Asia.

Click here for the full description of this event.

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