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GRADNAS International Exchange 2018/9


Sarah Teo

From NTU to ANU in Oct 2018

"I really enjoyed the chats I had with SDSC faculty and students, which allowed me to learn from different perspectives and exchange ideas. I am grateful for the kind hospitality of the GRADNAS coordinating team as well as my fellow PhD colleagues who offered their assistance with various aspects of my short stay at ANU."

Project: Middle Powers and Limited Differentiation: A Study of Australia, Malaysia and South Korea in APEC and EAS


Ronan Fu

From USC to ANU in Nov 2018

"The intellectual exchange during the Gradnas international workshop was engaging and stimulating! Glad to be part of this vibrant academic community!"

Project: Measuring Threat Perception: Theory and a Case Study of Taiwan

Xinru Ma - headshot.jpg

Xinru Ma

From USC to ANU in Nov 2018

"The exchange was incredibly helpful. It provided a wonderful platform to exchange cutting-edge research on critical East Asian security issues. It showcased the diversity of research approaches with the unifying theme of conceptual rigor and methodological innovation. Participants were intellectually generous, engaging and provoking, and I got a lot of insightful comments on my working project."

Project: Playing Chicken with Firecrackers: When Do Nationalist Protests Serve as Credible Signals in International Crisis Bargaining?


Dr Iain Henry

From ANU to USC in April 2019

"In April, I’m very much looking forward to receiving feedback from a diverse group of Asian security scholars, studying in America."

Project: America's Ally Management in Asia: Washington vs. Taipei vs. Beijing


Yusuke Ishihara

From ANU to NTU in May 2019

"The biggest challenge that I grappled with was the question of how I could present my thesis as something worth attention by the Gradnas participants who did not necessarily have as keen an interest in Japan as I did. I appreciated the opportunity to face that key issue by actively engaging with diverse scholars of the Gradnas community and learning from good examples of how other presenters dealt with this question."

Project: Japan’s Renegotiation of the Postwar Bargain in the 1970s

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