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GRADNAS Methods CO-LAB for Asian Security and International Relations 
 December 14-16, 2023
The Australian National University, Canberra

We are delighted to announce the inaugural GRADNAS Methods CO-LAB in 2023. This will be our Network’s flagship activity, bringing together the Senior Scholars Network (SSN) and the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN), as well as other international PhD students and post-doctoral scholars.


Leading scholars (including GRADNAS SSN members Acharya 2017; Foot & Goh 2019; Kang 2019) have argued that Asia’s security complexes and regional international systems or societies manifest deep and rich empirical complexities that remain under-studied. Such studies of Asian IR and security might in turn challenge existing theories and concepts in IR and security studies, providing new theorizing that will reshape these fields.

The GRADNAS Methods CO-LAB will focus strongly on 'methods' understood as the range of inter-disciplinary qualitative approaches most suitable for studying Asian security topics. We will pay acute attention to how scholars can pose the most useful research questions for studying this region; and develop innovative approaches and effective research designs to investigate Asian cases and complexities. This inaugural CO-LAB will be led by 4 GRADNAS senior faculty, and will accommodate up to 30 international PhD student and post-doctoral/early career participants.

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Full program coming soon. Enquiries to


28 September 2023: Deadline for GRADNAS-CO-LAB Participant Registration. 

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