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GRADNAS Seminar Series 2023

The GRADNAS Seminar series will showcase the cutting-edge academic research on Asian security by GRADNAS members. It presents an exciting opportunity for research exchange involving the network, providing a regular occasion for GRADNAS scholars to share and receive feedback on their ongoing and published research. Join us as we celebrate and showcase the excellent research by GRADNAS members and friends.


                                            February 21, 2023 | 7 pm (AEDT) | Book Discussion: Ascending Order: Rising Powers and the                                                      Politics of Status in International Institutions (CUP, 2022)


                                                   About the Book:

                                                  Ascending Order offers the first comprehensive study of conflict and cooperation as new                                                          powers join the global arena. Using original and robust archival evidence, the book examines                                                    these dynamics in three cases: the United States and the maritime laws of war in the mid-                                                        nineteenth century; Japan and naval arms control in the interwar period; and India and                                                              nuclear non-proliferation in the Cold War. This study shows that the future of contemporary                                                      international order depends on the ability of international institutions to address the status                                                        ambitions of rising powers such as China and India.

                                            Author: Rohan Mukherjee (Assistant Professor: Department of International                                                                                  Relations, London School of Economics)

                                                  Discussant: Darren Lim (Senior Lecturer: School of Politics and International Relations,                                                              Australian National University)

                                                  Where: Zoom Webinar

                                                  More event details available here.

                                                  To view recording click here

                                                  20 April 2023 | 10 am (AEST) | Panel Discussion: China’s economic statecraft as a tool of                                                            international influence

                                                   Chair: Taylor Fravel (Professor: Department of Political Science, Massachusetts                                                                           Institute of Technology.)


                                                   Alvin Camba (Assistant Professor: Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of                                                     Denver)

                                                   Emirza Adi Syailendra (PhD Candidate: Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, Australian                                                               National University)


                                                    Where: Online via Zoom 

                                                    Registration: Link coming soon


                                                     24 May 2023| 12 pm (AEST) | Panel Discussion: Power and Ideas in Global Order

                                                     Chair: Amy King (Associate Professor: Strategic & Defence Studies Centre,                                                                                     Australian National University)


                                                     Manjeet Pardesi (Senior Lecturer: Victoria University of Wellington)

                                                     Na Young Lee (PhD Candidate: Political Science and International Relations, University of                                                           Southern California)


                                                     Where: Zoom Webinar

                                                     Registration: Link coming soon

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