Panel at 2016 Oceanic Conference on International Studies

At the 7th Oceanic Conference on International Studies held at the University of Queensland in July 2016, Gradnas faculty organised a panel on ‘State Transformation and the Economic-Security Nexus in Asia’ to explore how the framework of state transformation might be used to analyse the nexus between economics and security.

The papers were:

  • Priya Chacko (Adelaide) & Kanishka Jayasuria (Murdoch), ‘Capitalising Foreign Policy: Geoeconomics and the Transnationalisation of the State’;

  • Helen Nesadurai (Monash), ‘State Transformation and the Politics of Primary Commodity Governance: Ecological Security, National Development, and Business Risk’;

  • Evelyn Goh, ‘Geo-strategy for State Transformation: China’s Connectivity Projects in Greater Asia’; and

  • Amy King, ‘Transforming the International Economy and the Nation-State: China from Bretton Woods to Bandung (1944-1955)'

The panel at OCIS -- from left to right:

Amy King, Evelyn Goh, Shahar Hameiri, Priya Chacko, Helen Nesadurai